2019 Summit
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2019 Summit
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2019 GZERO Summit: Abe Shinzo



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  • Toshimitsu Motegi
    Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Hiroshi Kajiyama
    Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
  • Yasutoshi Nishimura
    Minister for Economic Revitalization
  • Yuriko Koike
    Governor of Tokyo


  • Randall Chafetz
    Managing Executive Officer, MUFG Bank
  • Dawn Farrell
    CEO, TransAlta
  • Patricia Flor
    Ambassador, EU Delegation
  • Yoichi Funabashi
    Chairman, Asia Pacific Initiative
  • David Gordon
    Former Chairman, Eurasia Group
  • Keiko Iizuka
    Senior Political Writer, Yomiuri Shimbun
  • Robert Johnston
    Executive Advisor and Managing Director, Global Energy & Natural Resources, Eurasia Group
  • Kairat Kelimbetov
    Governor, Astana International Financial Centre
  • Vikram Khanna
    Associate Editor, the Straits Times
  • Koichiro Kimura
    Chairman, PwC Japan Group
  • Don Lindsay
    CEO, Teck Resources, Ltd. / Chairman, Business Council of Canada
  • Tadashi Maeda
    Governor, JBIC
  • Kathy Matsui
    Vice Chair, Goldman Sachs Japan
  • Susannah Pierce
    Director, Government Relations, LNG Canada
  • Kevin Rudd
    President, Asia Society Policy Institute (26th Prime Minister of Australia)
  • Marietje Schaake
    International Policy Director, Stanford Cyber Policy Center
  • Nobuo Tanaka
    Chairman, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
  • Tatsuya Terazawa
    Special Advisor to the Minister / Former Vice-Minister, METI
  • Yukari Yamashita
    Board Member, Institute of Energy Economics Japan
  • Joseph Young
    Chargé d’Affaires ad interim, U.S. Embassy Tokyo
  • Joshua Walker
    Global Head of Strategic Initiatives and Japan, Eurasia Group
  • Linton Wells, II
    Senior Advisor, Resilience Japan
  • Don Wright
    Deputy Minister to the Premier of British Columbia
  • Jennifer Zhu Scott
    Founder of Radian Partners


Date:         November 18, 2019 
​Location:    Palace Hotel Tokyo
Co-Chairs:  Ian BREMMER (President, Eurasia Group)
      NAKANISHI Hiroaki (Chairman, Keidanren)

[ Closed Session: Limited to Invited Guests ]

9:45 - 11:15                  Special Expert Session: Global Energy & Natural Resources Summit
"Examining Key Issues at the Crossroads of the Future of Global Energy & Natural  Resources Development and Sustainable Global Growth"

Don LINDSAY (Teck Resources, Ltd., Business Council of Canada)

Don WRIGHT (Deputy Minister to the Premier of British Columbia)

Robert JOHNSTON (Eurasia Group) 

Randall CHAFETZ (MUFG Bank)
Susannah PIERCE (LNG Canada) 
TANAKA Nobuo (Sasakawa Peace Foundation)

[ Open To All Summit Guests ]
13:00 - 14:00 Opening Reception
Hiroaki (Chairman, Keidanren)

Video Greeting by Prime Minister ABE Shinzo
KAJIYAMA Hiroshi (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Keynote Speech:
“The End of the American Order” by Ian BREMMER (President, Eurasia Group)
14:00 - 15:15 Keynote Panel Discussion
Geo-Technology’s Impact on GZERO World: International Cooperation and Industry-government collaboration in the AI era

Ian BREMMER (Eurasia Group)

TERAZAWA Tatsuya (Special Advisor to the Minister / Former Vice-Minister, METI)
KIMURA Koichiro (Chairman, PwC Japan Group)
Marietje SCHAAKE (International Policy Director, Stanford Cyber Policy Center)
Jennifer Zhu SCOTT (Founder, Radian Partners)
15:15 - 15:30 (Networking Break)
15:30 - 18:45 Panel Discussion: 
View from Japan: Lessons for the World

Joshua WALKER (Eurasia Group)

FUNABASHI Yoichi (Chairman, API)
IIZUKA Keiko (Editorial Writer, Yomiuri Shimbun)
Kathy MATSUI (Vice Chair, Goldman Sachs Japan)
Linton WELLS (Senior Advisor, Resilience Japan)
Panel Discussion: 
“Geopolitics for 2020 and Beyond”

Kevin RUDD (26th Prime Minister, Australia)

John BAIRD (Former Foreign Minister, Canada)
Patricia FLOR (Ambassador of the European Union to Japan)
David GORDON (Eurasia Group) 
Kairat KELIMBETOV (Governor, AIFC)
MAEDA Tadashi (Governor, JBIC)

Fireside Chat: 
“Tokyo to the World”
KOIKE Yuriko (Governor, Tokyo)
Vikram KHANNA (Associate Editor, The Straits Times)
18:45 - 21:00 Closing Reception 

Co-Chairs' Greetings:
Ian BREMMER (Eurasia Group)
NAKANISHI Hiroaki (Keidanren)

Honored Guests' Greetings: 
MOTEGI Toshimitsu (Minister for Foreign Affairs) 
NISHIMURA Yasutoshi (Minister for Economic Revitalization) 
Joseph M. YOUNG (Chargé d’Affaires ad interim, Embassy of US, Japan)


Ian Bremmer speaks at Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.  Then-Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo speaks at Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike speaks at Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.  Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan

Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan  Marietje Schaake speaks at Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.

Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.  Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.

Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.  Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.