Eurasia Group GZERO SUMMIT Japan 2019 | Hiroaki Nakanishi
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Hiroaki  Nakanishi
Hiroaki Nakanishi
Chairman, Keidanren
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Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi is the Chairman of Keidanren, a federation of economic organizations in Japan, is taking initiatives centered on Society 5.0, aiming for "Affluent and Vibrant Japan" through innovation and globalization. He is also the Executive Chairman of Hitachi, Ltd., Japan’s leading electronics conglomerate. Apart from serving as the President of Hitachi between April 2010 and March 2014, Mr. Nakanishi led a career including Managing Director of Hitachi Europe, Chairman and CEO of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, promoting Hitachi’s globalization. He received the Order of the British Empire in 2015.