Eurasia Group GZERO SUMMIT 2020 | Overview
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Eurasia Group’s annual GZERO Summit is the premier forum for world business and political leaders to come together to discuss the greatest geopolitical risks and opportunities on the horizon. The 2019 GZERO Summit gathered more than 550 participants, including nearly 50 top Japanese CEOs and a range of speakers from various countries and international organizations.

While coronavirus makes it impossible for us to meet in person this year, the pandemic’s role in accelerating the trends of a leaderless, GZERO world makes the Summit’s mission more relevant and necessary than ever.

Eurasia Group will host a virtual GZERO Summit 2020 on December 8–10, 2020 (EST) / December 9–11, 2020 (JST) to explore the fight against Covid-19 and the geopolitical landscape we’ll encounter going forward as well as technological innovation and competition, sustainability, and more.
Eurasia Group's 2019 GZERO Summit in Japan.

GZERO Summit on Post-Covid Geopolitics
December 8 (EST) / December 9 (JST), 2020
Coronavirus has brought unprecedented changes and challenges to the geopolitical landscape. How should governments, international institutions, and executives respond as the pandemic alters our GZERO world?

GZERO Summit on the Fight against Covid-19
December 8 (EST) / December 9 (JST), 2020
As the world fights to contain and defeat coronavirus, many countries are competing instead of cooperating in the pursuit of therapeutic drugs and vaccines. What can multilateral organizations and the private sector do to encourage more trust and collaboration?

GZERO Summit on Geo-Technology
December 9 (EST) / December 10 (JST), 2020
Covid-19 has accelerated the world’s digital transformation. As we grapple with AI and 5G and the US and China fight for tech supremacy, what can the international community do to navigate a growing digital divorce that will disrupt governments, global supply chains, and billions of lives?

GZERO Summit on Sustainability 
December 10 (EST) / December 11 (JST), 2020
As the shift to renewable energy sources and ESG investing grow, what should governments and businesses do to build a more sustainable economy and effectively address the challenges and risks that will inevitably rise?