Eurasia Group GZERO SUMMIT Japan 2020 | Overview
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2019 GZERO Summit Highlight Video

Click here to read Ian Bremmer’s speech “The End of the American Order”

From anxiety over borders and questions about the jobs of tomorrow to artificial islands in the South China Sea and hackers targeting far away elections, the world faces a new generation of geopolitical threats. Global challenges are spilling over into domestic politics, giving rise to populist movements in the heart of liberal international order.

In today’s GZERO world, understanding geopolitical risks is essential. For Japan, this means taking stock of its unique position in the emerging global disorder. Caught between a preoccupied America and a fast-expanding China, Japan is virtually the only developed country without the populist political parties and stagnating wages now reshaping Europe and the US. This is the foundation for Japan’s potential leadership in the GZERO world. 

In December 2020, Eurasia Group will host GZERO Summit 2020 online to tackle key issues and inspire new thinking about the future. Leaders and experts from government, industry, and media all over the world will gather to engage in the thought-provoking discussion of these issues.

Eurasia Group hopes the GZERO Summit will become Asia's premier global forum. We are committed to creating a venue for important conversations and debates that can analyze the sweeping changes ahead.